President Donald Trump's press conference on Thursday was the "harshest and most sustained attack on the media by a president of the United States in history," according to Howard Kurtz.

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During the question-and-answer session, Trump repeatedly criticized CNN and tussled with its reporter, Jim Acosta, and was terse with MSNBC correspondent Kristen Welker.

"You couldn't turn away," Kurtz said on "Special Report" tonight.

Trump "scored some points" by slamming "fake news," Kurtz said, but he suggested that Trump may not have been helped by attacking CNN host Don Lemon.

The president did not mention Lemon by name, but alluded to his time slot and characterized his panel segment as nearly all anti-Trump.

Kurtz said the press conference drowned out any other news about Trump's agenda that may have broken Thursday, but said his supporters are likely "cheering" his performance.

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