The media received a "historic beatdown" from President Donald Trump during his explosive press conference today, Sean Hannity said in his opening monologue tonight.

He said that the left-wing press is doing the American people a great disservice by not telling the truth about Trump, which creates a "massive informational crisis."

"After endless attacks from the alt-left propaganda media, President Trump is now fighting back - and in a big way - by calling out the press directly," Hannity said.

He pointed out that Trump blasted the media’s coverage of his administration, claiming the press is "out of control" and news outlets are attacking him because they oppose his agenda.

"What we saw today was a historic beatdown of the alt-left propaganda media, and they had it coming," Hannity said.

"It's very refreshing to see a commander-in-chief who will fight back against all the dishonesty, all the smears, set the record straight with you, the American people."

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