Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) told Melissa Francis that President Trump would be better served if his committee investigated possible connections between his 2016 campaign and Russian officials.

Blunt, a member of the Intelligence Committee, argued that Trump can put the issue to rest if Congress investigates the matter.

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"I'm hopeful that [then] we're able to move on and get about the business of governing and partnering with the president," he said, adding that it's becoming "a distraction."

Blunt added that his committee may talk to Gen. Mike Flynn [Ret.], who resigned as national security adviser this week after reports of being untruthful with Vice President Pence about a conversation he had with a Russian envoy last year.

Blunt's comments conflict with statements by fellow Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who said an investigation into the Trump campaign's possible Russia ties is "excessive."

"The president has handled the situation," Paul said.

On the other hand, Democrats are calling for a 9/11 Commission-style investigation into the matter.

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