A journalist who wrote a piece chronicling what he considered deficiencies within the contemporary Democratic Party discussed with Tucker Carlson why it has "collapsed as a national political force."

Glenn Greenwald of "The Intercept" said Democrats are continuing their election-season drumbeat of calling President Trump "every name in the book", while failing to consider the reasons their party's candidates continue to suffer net losses.

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Democrats "have no affirmative platform," he said, adding that candidates like Hillary Clinton made "no attempt to reach out to the Rust Belt" nor tried to convince voters they can make their lives better.

Carlson pointed out that DNC chairman candidate Thomas Perez raced to apologize on Twitter for a public criticism he made against Clinton.

Perez, Obama's labor secretary, said Clinton's primary election was "rigged" and called himself the candidate to "restore transparency to the DNC."

"The party has collapsed as a national political force," Greenwald said, adding that in addition to losing control of Congress and the White House, they are one state legislature away from allowing Republicans to hold unilateral Constitutional conventions, which require support of two-thirds of the 50 legislatures.

Democrats are so "obsessed" with calling Trump names, Greenwald said, they have failed to hold "autopsies" of their own electoral losses, as Republicans did in 2012 after former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) lost to Obama.

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