Fox News strategic analyst Ralph Peters weighed in on the resignation of Michael Flynn as national security adviser and put forward an unlikely candidate for the job.

Peters suggested that President Donald Trump "briefly swallow his pride" and choose Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) for the crucial position.

Peters said Graham would be a "brilliant" pick because he's served in the military, knows international and domestic law and "has a strategic vision."

"It's unlikely, but Washington is a town full of unlikely alliances," said Peters, acknowledging the past feuds between Trump and Graham during the campaign.

Peters argued against choosing another general to go with Defense Secretary James Mattis and DHS Secretary John Kelly. 

Peters praised Mattis as the only general of the last generation who he sees as a "strategic thinker" but added that Mattis needs a partner in the White House. 

"[Mattis] needs, as national security adviser, a partner who can work with Congress. The president needs to be able to work with Congress. He may not like it, but that's how our government works," said Peters.

Watch the full discussion above.

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