Tonight, Tucker Carlson debated a former Mexican cabinet minister who has vowed to clog-up U.S. courts with deportation-related cases, in order to prevent deportations to his home country.

Jorge Castaneda argued that Mexico should urge all potential deportees to demand a hearing upon arrest and to refuse voluntary removal, with Mexico then covering the costs of legal representation.

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"I don't want the U.S. to deport anyone else to Mexico who the U.S. cannot prove is Mexican," he said. "I want to use, as much as possible, the U.S. judicial system, the court system - and in particular immigration courts and judges - to jam the system."

Castaneda said he hopes that a judicial backlog of immigration cases could stymie the court system and perhaps goad Trump into reconsidering his deportation policy.

Carlson asked why Castaneda would not instead pressure his own country's government to build a social safety net for its people so those who would otherwise emigrate to the United States would stay in Mexico.

"You want to spend all this money to gum up and sabotage our legal system," Tucker said. "Why wouldn't you spend money instead ... to build a social safety net that might keep people in Mexico?" Tucker asked.

He pointed out that half the population of Mexico lives in poverty, but Castaneda wants the Mexican government to pay to keep Mexican citizens in the U.S.

"We're the pressure relief valve for your country. Do you feel good about that?"

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