A retired NYPD detective and private investigator running against New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) posted a video to Facebook challenging the Democrat to a push-up contest.

Fellow Democrat Bo Dietl opens the video criticizing by de Blasio's reported penchant for starting his work day late, saying he often travels to his home neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn to work out before getting started at City Hall.

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"I'm 66 years old, my day starts at six in the morning: Yours starts at eleven after you go to Brooklyn and back!" Dietl says to the camera.

Dietl then completes 66 push-ups in quick succession, turning to the camera again, saying: "66 years old; 66 push ups."

"The way I do them, I'm going to do you in [in] November: I challenge you, Big Bird," Dietl says, using his common nickname for the 6-foot-5 mayor.

New York City's mayoral election is on November 7, 2017.

Later Tuesday, Dietl sounded off on criticisms of President Trump's policy on illegal immigration.

Watch that video above and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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