In the wake of hundreds of illegal immigrant arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, Tucker Carlson debated immigration attorney David Leopold on the merits of President Trump's immigration policy.

Leopold said Trump and several aides, including Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, are "perpetuating fear" in the early weeks of the administration.

America needs a president that respects the rule of law, Leopold said, accusing Trump of violating the Constitution and pointing to several lawsuits against the administration from New York State.

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"This is not America, this is not what we are; we can do better," he said, calling the White House's recent actions an "overt attempt to create chaos."

Leopold said Congressional Republicans had an opportunity to pass a meaningful immigration reform bill a few years ago, but chose not to.

We need to fix our "outdated immigration system," he said.

Carlson also asked Leopold about a former Mexican official who is reportedly urging illegal border-crossers to stymie immigration courts, and why the political left has not given such a report as much attention as claims about Russian interference in the election.

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