On "Hannity" tonight, Tomi Lahren ripped the left for going after the family of President Donald Trump.

Lahren, host of "Tomi" on The Blaze TV, said whether it's retailers pulling Ivanka Trump's fashion line or parents considering boycotting a school that will be attended by Trump's grandson, it's more evidence that liberals are fine with "going low" when they're attacking conservatives.

"If they're so shaken by having a child go to kindergarten, it's going to be a rough life for some of these individuals," Lahren said. "They're going to want to shelter their children. But then again, colleges have safe spaces now, so they're just preparing them in kindergarten."

Democratic strategist Jessica Tarlov agreed that kids and families should be off-limits, but she pointed out that Ivanka Trump involved the administration, so she should be open to criticism.

Lahren argued that the way the media covered Chelsea Clinton or Sasha and Malia Obama to how they are covering Ivanka is "night and day."

"If I went after the Obama kids, I probably would have groups of people wanting me fired," Hannity said. "I thought you guys on the left were supposed to be tolerant. I thought you were supposed to be inclusive."

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