A Mexican lawmaker said he plans to introduce a bill in the country's legislature that would halt the import of American corn in response to President Trump's strong rhetoric, the Washington Examiner reported.

Armando Rios Piter, who represents Guerrero state, said his bill will direct Mexico to instead buy corn from Brazil and Argentina.

The bill is a "good way to tell them that the hostile relationship has consequences," he told CNN.

Trump has routinely criticized NAFTA, called for a re-negotiation of the pact, and has repeated his promise to build a wall on the United States-Mexico border.

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In 2015, America exported $2.4 billion in corn to its southern neighbor, and is the world's largest producer of the crop.

Prior to NAFTA's passage, that number was $391 million. Only Japan exceeds Mexico's import value of American corn, at $2.9 billion.


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