Senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said President Trump should "tear up" his currently-blocked executive order barring immigration from several countries and instead write a new one.

Napolitano argued that, through the lawsuit filed by Washington state and the decision by a three-judge panel on the West Coast's Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Trump could realize the deficiencies in the old order and write a stronger fresh one.

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"For legal, Constitutional and political reasons, [Trump] should tear up the executive order of the 29th of January," Napolitano said, adding that such a move would nullify the case in Seattle, as well as 48 other lawsuits filed in response to the order.

Additionally, one judge on the Ninth Circuit suggested that the entire bench should hear the case.

The White House could petition the court for such a move, and call for an "en banc" hearing before approximately 11 of the court's judges.

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