Brit Hume said tonight that it's "spectacularly ill-informed" for actress Meryl Streep and other left-wing critics to compare President Trump or his supporters to the Nazis.

Streep said last week that her criticism of Trump at the Golden Globes triggered vehement responses on Twitter, likening the critics to Adolf Hitler's "brownshirts."

The "brownshirts" were a paramilitary organization within the Nazi party led by Ernst Röhm, who beat up people so viciously, Hitler had the group's leadership killed, O'Reilly said.

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Hume said comparisons like Streep's were "spectacularly ill-informed and nearly hysterical."

"If you criticize her comments about [Trump, then] you're a Nazi," he said, characterizing her train of thought.

Hume said Streep is trying to demonstrate to her fans that she's been "courageous" in the face of the fierce responses.

O'Reilly said he extended an offer to Streep to appear on the Factor to discuss such comparisons.

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