Last week's cover of Us Weekly features a photo of First Lady Melania Trump and the headline "Separate Lives," seeking to delve into the "mysterious world of the first lady" who has remained out of the spotlight thus far in her husband's presidency.

This headline however did not sit so well with President Donald Trump's Senior Counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Speaking to Howard Kurtz on "Media Buzz," Conway called the cover "nonsense."

"That's none of their business," Conway said. "She has plenty of a public role. The woman is beautiful inside and out. She's brilliant; she speaks five languages. ... She is a loving and supportive wife and mother. And I have to say a great friend and great role model to many of us who work closely with the president and first family."

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Conway said she respects Melania enormously for remaining in New York City while her 10-year-old son Barron finishes up the school year.

Conway added that the media "can't stand" that Melania does not call attention to herself.

"They want to see, they want to poke, they want to dissect and wonder. I so admire the fact that Melania Trump, our First Lady, is so comfortable in her own skin that she doesn't have to disprove anybody's negative stories or even positive stories," Conway said, adding she finds it gratifying to see an immigrant as first lady.

"Who's covering that story?" Conway said.

Watch the above video for more on Conway's remarks about Melania Trump.

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