Judge Jeanine Pirro gave an emotional Opening Statement last night saying she was infuriated that Ivanka Trump is being targeted based on the actions of her father, President Donald Trump.

A number of retailers this week removed Ivanka's fashion line from their stores. Though they cited declining sales, the moves coincide with liberal pressure to not promote any merchandise relating to the Trump family.

The #GrabYourWallet campaign, founded by Shannon Coulter, is specifically targeting merchandise associated with Donald and Ivanka Trump.

"This week a female Nordstrom's executive proudly trumpeted they were dropping Ivanka Trump's fashion line. They could have done it quietly, phasing it out. Instead they chose to publicize it," Pirro said.

The judge continued that Ivanka is a strong woman committed to helping millions of women advance in the workplace.

"The very feminists who marched and purport to advance strong independent women are the very ones rallying to suppress another who epitomizes every quality they claim to champion. I challenge you all to put your money and your hashtag where your mouth is," she said.

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