Greg Gutfeld's Saturday monologue centered on President Donald Trump's travel ban and what he will do about the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling.

"Donald Trump...he's back and he's pissed," Gutfeld starts, focusing on Trump's plan to keep the country safe.

"We will not allow people into our country who are looking to do harm to our people. We'll allow people into our country who will love our people," Gutfeld said.

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This week, the three-judge appeals court panel upheld the decision to halt Trump's travel ban.

Gutfeld said Trump has three options: Fight it out on the merits in district court, take it to the Supreme Court or scrap the executive order and try a different approach.

"So a bunch of good people like the ban, but three judges decided it's just too mean," he said.

Gutfeld said anything that restricts Islamic terrorists will inflame all Muslims.

"So it's them who conflate terrorists with Islam. They're the bigots! Not us! Screw 'em!" Gutfeld concludes.

Watch the full monologue above, and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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