Tempers flared last night at a town hall event where Utah citizens expressed their displeasure with GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz. 

The chairman of the House Oversight Committee arrived to throngs of demonstrators, many of whom could not get into the event due to limited space in the 1,000-seat high school auditorium.

Chants of "Do your job" and "coward" were heard as the crowd voiced anger over President Trump's travel ban and concern about a lack of protection of public land in the state. 

The conservative congressman, who represents a suburban Salt Lake City area, also faced questions about Kellyanne Conway urging people to buy Ivanka Trump products. 

"Kellyanne Conway was wrong. It should never happen again," he told the crowd, adding that a "very candid, direct letter" was sent to the White House and the government ethics office.

Alicia Acuna reported the latest on "America's Newsroom," noting similarities between the event and local Tea Party protests seen after the election of Barack Obama in 2008. 

She characterized the event as a "whole lot of yelling and not a whole lot of listening." Chaffetz, clearly frustrated by the boisterous crowd, responded at one point: "If you want me to answer the question, give me more than five seconds to do it."

One woman asked Chaffetz whether there is a "line in the sand" when it comes to launching an investigation of Trump.

Watch the full report above and more from the wild scene below.

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