Retired four star Gen. Jack Keane joined Neil Cavuto today to weigh in on the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump's travel ban.

Trump's executive order temporarily suspended travel to the U.S. for nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries - Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Syria and Libya.

The order has been halted while the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals decides whether or not to uphold a federal judge's broad ruling against the ban.

"I don't think judges at any level in our judicial system should be making judgments about the security of the United States," Keane said.

He said that is clearly a job for the executive branch, according to the Constitution.

"[Trump] has access to all of the information - largely classified information - from our intelligence sources to be able to make judgments, as he has made," Keane said.

He added that the American people can comment on those judgments, but it's not the role of the judicial system to get involved.

Keane argued that it's reasonable that Trump is concerned about the vetting process to enter the U.S., so he paused immigration and refugee resettlement from seven countries that currently lack adequate vetting procedures.

"It's unfortunate, because there's so much anti-Mr. Trump [sentiment] in this nation that we have lost sight of what is truly happening."

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