While serving his four-game suspension related to "DeflateGate", New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady filmed an advertisement that would not air unless his team won the SuperBowl, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The advertisement, which was released this week, appears to leave up to the viewer whether Brady took a veiled shot at National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell, who handed down his suspension.

Brady is seen in a MRI center's waiting room, when a nurse calls his name and asks him to remove any jewelry.

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In response he removes four Super Bowl rings from his hand and places them in a locker, and the nurse asks if he has any more jewelry on him.

Brady reaches into his pocket and pulls out a fifth ring: "One more," he says.

"We're going to need to get you a bigger locker," the nurse remarks.

"Roger That!" Brady replies, smiling.

Leading up to Super Bowl LI, social media was abuzz with commentary about the mood of the moment Goodell would have to hand Brady the Vince Lombardi trophy if his team won.

What do you think? Was Brady's response a criticism of Goodell for suspending him? Let us know in the comments below.

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