On "The Intelligence Report" today, Dr. Sebastian Gorka said that President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration is necessary because we're engaged in an "unconventional war" against radical Islamic terrorists.

Gorka, deputy assistant to President Trump, said that the administration is taking measures to prevent terror attacks like what occurred in Nice, Paris, Istanbul and Brussels.

"This is guerrilla warfare. This is terrorism," Gorka said. "We need to stop those kind of events occurring here, targeting Americans. And that's why this executive order was so very, very important."

He explained that good counterterrorism is about preventing an attack, not reacting to one.

"You cannot wait until an event occurs. You've got to get out in front of it. You've got to outthink the enemy," Gorka said. "That's why this executive order was brought, to prevent the next potential atrocity in America."

Gorka said that another prong of President Trump's plan to keep America safe is to go after ISIS.

"We are going to eradicate ISIS. The president has made that commitment," Gorka said. "Eradicate, not degrade like President Obama said, but destroy."

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