Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said on "Fox News Sunday" that President Trump has divided the country by issuing several executive orders.

Regarding his executive order barring immigration from several Middle Eastern countries, Feinstein said that in her role as a legislator she could not rule whether it is unconstitutional, but expressed concern over its effects.

"There has been a blizzard of executive orders and memoranda," she said, "Some [are] vague, some specific, some probably unlawful. And, you've got people in the streets."

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Trump has not brought the United States together, Feinstein said, "what he's doing is splitting it apart more and more and more."

She said that anyone has the right to go to court to see if a president's executive action is lawful and constitutional.

"The president is not a dictator," she said.

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