The "Forbes on Fox" panel reacted to the violent protests at University of California-Berkeley, in opposition to Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos speaking on campus last week.

"Education is supposed to be about hearing different opinions," Mike Ozanian said, criticizing protesters for hindering Yiannopoulos' ability to express his views.

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Ozanian said there is a history of teachers and students alike tempering opposing viewpoints, including as early as high school.

He added that he is heartened to see President Trump standing up for free speech rights.

Steve Forbes said that universities like Berkeley should be bastions of such First Amendment rights and "not restrictive in any way."

"The government has been in the coercion business against universities for decades," he said.

The panel also debated Trump's idea of withholding federal funds from universities that hinder others' free speech, noting that Berkeley receives $370 million from Washington.

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