New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has faced questions all week about his friendship with President Donald Trump.

Through it all, he has repeatedly said that he is not talking politics.

It was "Tebow Time" Friday on "Fox & Friends" as former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow shared his views on whether Brady should expand on the questions he's received about his friendship with Trump.

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"Just let him (Brady) get ready for the Super Bowl. He's probably going to go down as the best quarterback of all-time. He doesn't need to focus on anything else but trying to win a Super Bowl right now," said Tebow, adding Brady does a good job of being politically correct.

Tebow, now a minor league outfielder for the New York Mets, said that a quarterback must have tunnel vision when fielding media questions not related to a big game.

"I promise you, Tom Brady is not worried about the questions he's getting about President Trump. He's worried about figuring out this defense he's gonna go against," Tebow said.

Watch Tebow's full remarks above, and be sure to tune in to the Super Bowl as the Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons Sunday at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox!

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