The "Outnumbered" hosts took on the new criticism of the Trump White House from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

In comments on Thursday, Pelosi called Trump's top strategist Steve Bannon a "white supremacist" and called Trump an "illusionist."

"It’s a stunning thing, that a white supremacist would be a permanent member of the National Security Council," she said, referring to Trump's decision to shake up the NSC.

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Pelosi said Trump tries to distract the public's attention when a topic "gets hot" with negative reaction, like last weekend's executive order. 

"You notice that every time something gets hot, he changes the subject. ... He's an illusionist ... now you see it, now you don't," she said, arguing that is why Trump moved up his Supreme Court announcement by two days.

Responding this afternoon, Chris Stirewalt said Democrats need to come up with a message other than bashing Trump. 

"The Democrats have a serious problem here. The only thing they know is they hate Donald Trump and wish he wasn't president. That is the only thing they know for sure. They have got to start being specific in their opposition," he said.

Stirewalt said the refugee ban is the first issue in that the Democrats have been able to rally around and "drill in on it."

Meghan McCain agreed, saying Democrats are trying to distract from a lack of unity and leadership within the party.

"What's their messaging?" she asked, arguing that there are still many Bernie Sanders supporters who are upset at the Hillary Clinton wing of the party. 

Kennedy asked how Pelosi's bashing of Bannon helps average Americans in states like Wisconsin and Michigan.

"How does [that] help them get jobs?" she asked.

Watch the discussion above and let us know what you think. 

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