A veterans' organization is working hard to make sure our men and women in uniform stationed overseas on Super Bowl Sunday can still have a little taste of Americana for the big game.

Mark Evans, a retired U.S. Air Force Master Sergeant, said his nonprofit group "Pizzas 4 Patriots" is air-dropping hundreds of pizzas on American military installations in the Middle East.

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Evans said he came up with the idea almost a decade ago, watching the latest news on the Iraq War, when his son asked if the servicemembers ate pizza on their base.

Through a contact, Evans was able to email former CENTCOM commander Gen. David Petraeus and ask if he could send pies to the troops.

Since then, he said, Pizzas 4 Patriots has shipped more than 1.35 million pizza pies to the troops so they can have a little taste of home.

Evans said that for Super Bowl Sunday, troops receiving the pizzas will be enjoying the Chicago deep dish variety.

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