On a special "First 100 Days" tonight, Martha MacCallum asked a 25-person focus group about President Donald Trump's "extreme vetting" executive order and how the measure will or will not help make America safe again.

James Pechi, a veteran who served in Iran and Afghanistan, said that the order isn't a "Muslim ban" - as many in the mainstream media have claimed - but merely an opportunity for the Department of Homeland Security and other departments to reevaluate their vetting processes.

Former Obama State Department official David Tafuri pointed out that the "travel ban" only affects seven countries, none of which served as a base for the terrorists behind the 9/11, San Bernardino or Orlando attacks.

Retired Navy SEAL Carl Higbie countered that none of the attackers may have come from Iran - one of the seven countries on the list - but the Islamic republic is still the world's largest state sponsor of terror.

Trump supporter Diane Atkins agreed, adding, "We have sovereignty in this country. We have the right to protect that."

Watch clips of the debate above and below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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