On Thursday, all ten Democrats on the Senate committee tasked with considering President Donald Trump's pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency boycotted the meeting to vote on Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt.

This comes after many Democrats vowed to block the confirmation of Trump's Supreme Court pick, Judge Neil Gorsuch, and others have said they will skip Trump's address before Congress later this month.

Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) joined Neil Cavuto on "Your World today to discuss the icy relations between Democrats and Republicans.

Polis said he hopes to see good faith efforts from both sides of the aisle to meet in the middle on policy, whether it's infrastructure spending or tax reform.

Cavuto argued that the actions of many congressional Democrats make bipartisan cooperation seem unlikely.

"How are we going to move the ball forward if both sides apparently loathe each other?" Cavuto asked.

Polis said that both the Democratic and Republican bases are pushing their representatives and senators to resist getting along, while the majority of Americans are in the middle and want both sides to work together.

"Too often, we hear from our base, 'Don't talk to the other side. Don't work with them,'" Polis said. "And even though I feel - and I think you do too, Neil - that most Americans don't feel that way, they want the parties working together, those folks don't call in. Those folks don't have marches."

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