Howard Kurtz joined Neil Cavuto on "Your World" today to discuss President Donald Trump's contentious relationship with the press, and if the president should consider a different strategy moving forward.

Kurtz said that he thought Trump might try "mend some fences" with the media after the election, but he appears to have been dissuaded by "consistently negative" coverage.

He noted that Trump used the media as a "punching bag" throughout the election process, so that may continue to work for him now that he's in the Oval Office.

"Does he keep this up for four years? I don't know," Kurtz said. "It does generate a lot of heat. And then the media get defensive, and the whole cycle gets out of control."

"It's supposed to be an adversarial relationship. Maybe not quite this adversarial..."

Watch more above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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