Some military veterans are sounding off against President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration, saying it does not look out for the interpreters that helped U.S. troops overseas.

U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), a military veteran himself, agrees and has called for exception waivers for these interpreters.

"I totally agree with Trump's executive order, but there should be a few exceptions in the Iraqi interpreters who helped our American forces on the ground and are still helping them. Those guys to me should be an exception to his rule," Hunter said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends."

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Hunter said he has been working on this proposal for eight years since he left the military and ran for office. He said radicals are targeting these interpreters since they know they are offering support to U.S. troops.

The group No One Left Behind has been fighting to bring military interpreters over to America. CEO Matt Zeller released the below video soon after Trump signed the executive order on immigration.

Many of these veterans credit their interpreters for keeping them alive.

Hunter said these waivers need to be one of Trump's next executive orders.

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