Colorado State Rep. Dave Williams is pushing a bill that would allow victims of "sanctuary city policies" to be able to file lawsuits against the politicians who put the policies in place.

On "Tucker Carlson Tonight," Williams explained that the Colorado Politician Accountability Act would allow people to file civil suits and criminal complaints against "lawless politicians," so they can win not only in the court of public opinion, but also in the court of law.

"If these politicians create the environment, then they need to own it," Williams said. "They need to have skin in the game."

"This is nothing more than a bunch of liberals who are getting together to advance an unlawful agenda to endanger the lives of the very people they're supposed to be serving."

He said that even though the bill is headed for near-certain defeat in the Democratic-controlled House, he hopes to resurrect it in the Senate, where Republicans hold the majority."

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