Two of the 52 Republicans in the Senate announced their opposition to the confirmation of Betsy DeVos, President Trump's nominee to lead the Department of Education, Shepard Smith reported.

Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine voiced "geniune concerns" over Betsy DeVos' candidacy.

Murkowski said DeVos has "much to learn" about the public school system and expressed concern over her strong support for "one side of the equation"; meaning charter and private schools.

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She said that in Alaska, which is mainly rural, school choice is a difficult option for many parents and added that her constituents brought such concerns to her attention.

On the Senate floor, Collins announced that she will vote against DeVos, highlighting her "lack of familiarity" with a law governing education for those with disabilities, according to The Hill.

If the two women vote against DeVos, the resulting 50-50 tie could be broken by Vice President Mike Pence in his role as presiding officer of the Senate.

However, if Republicans lose another supporting vote, they may need a Democratic senator to break their ranks in return in order to confirm DeVos.

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