Meghan McCain said today that the Trump administration expended valuable political capital over the weekend with its "hasty" rollout of a travel ban concerning seven Muslim-majority nations. 

The "Outnumbered" panel reacted to a news conference held by administration officials, including DHS Secretary John Kelly, on the executive order.

Kelly denied that the order was a "travel ban" at all, stressing that he "will not gamble with American lives."

McCain said back on the campaign trail, Trump's talk about a "Muslim ban" was "red meat" for his supporters. But implementing and rolling out the policy is much more difficult. 

"This is when it would come in really handy to have some people with some government experience helping them," she said.

McCain said the executive order led to "chaos" and the "optics" were not good for the new administration.

"They are blowing political capital too soon, too quickly," she argued. 

Gillian Turner called Kelly's comments a "twist of rhetoric" and that the policies should have been hashed out months ago. 

"Why didn't you review existing procedures during the transition? Why do you now have to halt all refugees coming into the United States? You should have been better prepared," said Turner.

Watch the discussion above and let us know your thoughts.

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