Democrats in California have advanced a bill that would make California a "sanctuary state" for all illegal immigrants, according to reports.

Lawmakers claim California Senate Bill 54 - which was approved by the state Senate Public Safety Committee in a 5-2 party-line vote - is designed to protect illegal aliens from any crackdown by President Donald Trump.

On "Special Report" tonight, William La Jeunesse reported that the vote was the first step in making California the first state to shield all illegal immigrants from deportation.

"The bill restricts state and local law enforcement from cooperating or assisting federal immigration efforts, prohibiting the use of any state resources to investigate, interrogate, detain, detect or arrest persons for immigration enforcement purposes," La Jeunesse reported.

He said that federal officials say the proposed law "radically changes" existing protocols.

La Jeunesse explained that the bill makes it so local police can't even call ICE to deport violent criminal offenders.

He noted that California counts on more than $100 billion of federal money, most in grants to sanctuary cities and counties that President Trump threatened to take away with his executive order.

The legislation now must clear two more committees before reaching the state Senate floor.

The Mercury News reported that it has been advanced as an “urgency bill,” which means that if it passes both houses with a two-thirds margin — a possibility, as Democrats enjoy supermajorities in the Assembly and Senate — and is signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, it will take immediate effect.

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