Small business owner Joy Weatherup Anthis met with President Donald Trump at the White House today to discuss his plan to cut regulations on small businesses.

Weatherup Anthis, the owner of JWA Construction Management in DeWitt, New York, told Neil Cavuto that she and nine other small business owners spoke with the president about the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives growing their businesses.

After the conversation, she stood behind Trump as he signed an executive order that will expand regulatory review, with a goal of revoking two federal regulations for every new one enacted by federal agencies.

"Regulations create a cumbersome system for those of us that have our small businesses," Weatherup Anthis said.

She explained that businesses like hers don't have extensive resources, such as staff accountants and attorneys, to cut through the red tape.

Weatherup Anthis said that Trump is "on a mission," and she has confidence that he will indeed be successful at cutting regulations.

"He's convinced that we have to create an environment for the small business people to grow. And too much regulation creates an environment where we just get bogged down."

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