Brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse appeared on "Fox & Friends" Monday to share their conflicting opinions on President Donald Trump's immigration ban.

As the family debate ensued, Steve Doocy stepped in to act as the moderator, though it was tough for him to control these brothers going at it.

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"I defend it because he is putting America first, and he is dispensing of the 'blame America first' crowd. We have a right to protect our borders. ... We're causing a disruption in our system, and that's good, because too long American interests have been put on the backburner and they need to be on the forefront and that's what President Trump is doing and he shouldn't apologize for it," said Dallas, the executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party. 

"Dallas, you are full of crap and so is this president. ... This is a ban of Muslims. This is the president telling an entire religion in this world that they're not welcome in the United States of America," said Brad, a Democrat and the president of Americans United for Change.

The discussion continued to get heated between the brothers and eventually ended abruptly as they repeatedly interrupted each other.

Watch the family feud in the video above, and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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