Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) held an afternoon press conference to respond to President Trump's executive order curtailing immigration of refugees and foreign nationals from several Middle Eastern and North African countries.

"We cannot tolerate this type of activity," McAuliffe said at Dulles International Airport in Loudoun County, Va.

He referenced there being an unconfirmed number of people reportedly held at the airport, saying "this is not the United States of America that we know."

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"Discriminatory tactics breed hatred," he said, adding that such practices by Trump will breed hatred "toward our nation... and Americans around the globe."

McAuliffe said he instructed the Commonwealth's attorney general, Mark Herring, to investigate all legal abilities of the state government to help those individuals being detained.

"You are on our soil, you are in Virginia," McAuliffe said, "we believe in strong vetting [for those who] would do harm, [but this] takes vetting to a whole new extreme."

Earlier Saturday, several people were reportedly detained at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York under similar circumstances.

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