Parcel carrier FedEx is maintaining its support of a driver who intervened in a public protest in Iowa where several people were desecrating and burning American flags.

In the viral video below, driver Matt Uhrin can be seen yelling "back off!" as protesters attempt to grab a flag back from him after saving it from being incinerated.

Uhrin clutched a fire extinguisher and sprayed at least one man who tried to accost him when he returned to the scene.

An online petition was started, urging FedEx to let Uhrin keep his job after intervening in the protest.

FedEx responded in a statement saying Uhrin will remain employed by the company, reported.

(Warning: Video contains strong language and violence.)

Being American means standing up for your freedom, and one FedEx driver did just that.

The above video shows a group of protesters setting several American flags on fire during a rally Thursday in Iowa City., as a FedEx driver swoops in with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames.

A heated exchange ensues, with the driver storming off with one of the flags.

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According to the Iowa City Press Citizen, the group was protesting racial and social injustice as well as U.S. imperialism.

Police officials said they arrested two people at the rally and charged them with violating the city's public burn ordinance. The group claimed the protest was within their First Amendment rights, though they reportedly did not have permits to start the fire.

The FedEx driver's actions were highly praised on Twitter, with many people calling him an American hero.

Share your thoughts with us on this hero's actions in the comments section.

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