Did President Donald Trump's nominee for treasury secretary really try to kick an old lady out of her house?

Trace Gallagher fact-checked an outrageous-sounding story, which has been widely shared, about Steven Mnuchin's bank foreclosing on the home of a 90-year-old widow over a 27-cent payment error.

Many national outlets have picked up the story, but as Trace reported, it's not all that it seems. 

An attorney, Ted Frank, followed up on the story and found that the basic facts were incorrect. 

Mnuchin's former company, OneWest, had nothing to do with the matter and the woman's home was never foreclosed upon, Gallagher said.

Politico, which first reported on the story, eventually attached a correction, reading: 

CIT Bank, successor to OneWest after a 2015 merger, was the entity that filed foreclosure proceedings against Ossie Lofton over a 27-cent payment error. The story has also been revised to clarify that there were two separate foreclosure proceedings against Lofton. At the time the second foreclosure was filed in 2016, Mnuchin had sold his stake in OneWest and was on the board of CIT.

Gallagher noted that a Google search of "Mnuchin 27 cents" brings up tens of thousands of hits on the original story.

Mnuchin, formerly of Goldman Sachs, is still awaiting confirmation by the Senate. 

Watch the full report above from "The First 100 Days."

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