The mother of jailed former U.S. Navy sailor Christian Saucier joined "Fox & Friends" Thursday to continue her mission to have President Donald Trump pardon her son.

Saucier is currently serving one year in federal prison for taking six photographs of a classified area of a submarine, at a time when cellphones were allowed on submarines.

Kathleen Saucier, Christian's mother, said she has had a renewed hope of a pardon for her son since the election of Trump.

"I ask for mercy for him (Trump) to review my son's case and to consider a pardon," Kathleen said. "The more and more I have seen things come out, the more I recognize there was a clear injustice in my son's case."

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Kathleen said her son lost his phone that contained the photos, which were then retrieved by the military.

"He never shared them. He never had any intent to harm our country," she said. "He had an intent to have photos to remember something he was very proud of at the age of 22."

Kathleen said she had been begging the Obama Administration for a pardon but her requests were never recognized.

Meanwhile, Obama recently pardoned Chelsea Manning, who had her prison sentence commuted despite the leak of classified information.

Kathleen said she is hoping her campaign gets the attention of Trump, whom she called "a true patriot."

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