Since taking office, President Trump has looked to fulfill some of his campaign promises by using multiple executive orders.

Sean Hannity visited the White House to speak to Trump's chief of staff, Reince Priebus, who explained that the president wants to make the U.S. safe and prosperous for all Americans.

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Priebus explained that Trump's executive orders on illegal immigration - and forthcoming orders on foreign policy - will help ensure our national security.

Priebus said the president's main focus, however, is on American worker.

"If we're going to be an administration that cuts regulation, that lowers business taxes so that these companies can expand, that we disincentivize from moving overseas into Mexico and China, and make doing business in America better for them, well then the jobs are going to explode!" Priebus said. "We're going to have maybe three, five, six, seven-percent growth, if these things happen."

He said that Trump's goal is to become the "president of the American worker, the American manufacturer," and if that happens, we're going to see a comeback in this country like we've never seen before.

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