About 200 to 300 protesters rallied outside the Philadelphia hotel hosting a retreat for Republican legislators, blocking part of Center City's main thoroughfare on Wednesday evening.

Congressional Republicans are holding a multi-day conference at the Loews Hotel near City Hall, and President Trump is expected to visit the retreat on Thursday.

Griff Jenkins reported that the protests remained peaceful, though part of Market Street was blocked off.

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A line of bicycle officers from the Philadelphia Police Department were seen at the ready in case the demonstrations turn rowdy.

Many demonstrators expressed their demands of the new Trump administration, with some holding a "Queer Rager" dance party in the street to protest the president's repeal-and-replace plans for ObamaCare, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

"I've seen better cabinets at IKEA" one Trump critic's sign read.

While many demonstrators were at the hotel to protest the Republicans' agenda, there were a number who conversely expressed their support for Trump.

"I love walls," read a sign held by a man from suburban Bucks County, the Inquirer reported.

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