On Wednesday, Tucker Carlson debated Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Jonathan Gruber, often considered one of the "architects" of ObamaCare, on the merits of the law and why Republicans want it repealed.

Carlson said that 20 percent of those on the insurance exchanges only have one coverage option, and listed a few criticisms that Americans have of the law.

"There's been a lot of misinformation," Gruber said, adding that some costs increases have been slower than before the law was passed.

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"Americans just dont understand what this law has done for them," he said.

Gruber said that the richest Americans and the youngest and healthiest may have indeed been hurt by the law, but the fact they often must pay more for healthcare has helped others who are less fortunate.

"Everyone agrees that ObamaCare has increased insurance coverage in America," he said, "this law was never supposed to help everybody."

ObamaCare was designed to fix what was wrong with the healthcare system in the "near-term", he said, adding that Carlson wanted to concentrate on the "small amount" of people who are upset with the law.

Carlson said ObamaCare forced people to buy coverage they don't want, using the example of men receiving coverage for obstetric care.

"You vilified the major accomplishments of the law," he said.

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