Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) was asked this morning about President Donald Trump's repeated claims of millions of illegal votes being cast in November's election. 

Trump tweeted this morning that he would pursue a "major investigation" into illegal voting and voter fraud. 

On "America's Newsroom," Gingrich told the story of a politically-moderate friend in California who has repeatedly brought up the issue to him. 

"[He wrote that] given California voter law where illegal immigrants can get drivers licenses and a drivers license is all you need in order to vote, how do we know how many people who have voted who aren't citizens? This is not some guy who is a nut," said Gingrich. 

He said every time the issue is raised about making sure only living people and legal U.S. citizens can vote, Democrats "jump up and down, scream [and] yell racist."

"It tells me they think they have a pretty big vested interest in having zones of illegality in our election process," he said. 

Bill Hemmer asked what the "end game" is for President Trump. Gingrich said he believes it's a system in which people must present proof they are legally registered and are in the country legally before voting. 

"Why shouldn't we be sure that the [people voting] are both alive and [are] citizens?" he asked.

Watch the full discussion above.

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