On Tuesday, Tucker Carlson debated a UCONN sociology professor who will speak at an upcoming college lecture series on how President Trump's supporters elected him using "racial reasoning."

Matthew Hughey will deliver a lecture at the University of Maryland entitled "Make America White Again - The Racial Reasoning of American Nationalism".

"[White people] have done very well in this country and have in large part outpaced other racial groups due to a series of ... advantages given to them."

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White supremacy was a huge factor in Trump's victory, Hughey said, adding that race and "heteronormativity" among other factors explain why all but one American president has been a white male.

Carlson asked: If America is considered to be a white supremacist nation, why have immigration authorities let in 65 million legal immigrants in the past few decades which only include 12 percent from Europe?

Hughey said a white upper class must "trade on immigrants" to do work that they would not find appealing, and that white supremacist societies rely on having "a large racial underclass" for that and other reasons.

Watch the full debate above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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