NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen recently said that reporters should stop interviewing Kellyanne Conway, on the grounds that she lies too much and lowers political understanding for viewers. 

Tonight, Tucker Carlson took on John Haltiwanger, senior politics writer at Elite Daily, who agrees that Conway should be "shunned" by the press.

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Haltiwanger argued that Conway, an advisor to President Donald Trump, is spreading "alternative facts,"  and it makes it impossible to have a healthy debate.

Tucker countered that part of having a discourse is debating what the facts are, and that can't happen if there's no discussion at all.

Haltiwanger said the problem is that Conway and other members of the Trump team spread "blatant falsities" and then shrug off any criticism from the media.

"We're starting to enter a post-fact world, and I think that's a very dangerous world to be entering," Haltiwanger said.

Tucker pointed out that the Obama administration had more than its fair share of lies and falsehoods, and he accused Haltiwanger of having selective outrage now that Trump's in office.

Watch the back-and-forth above, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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