President Donald Trump spoke from the White House during a meeting with auto industry executives, declaring that he intends to bring long-term manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

"It's happening. It's happening big league," he said, explaining that he spoke to Whirlpool Corp. about building plants in the U.S.

He said he's focused on "long-term jobs" in manufacturing, not just construction jobs. 

Trump said his administration is focused on cutting corporate taxes and doing away with unnecessary regulations. 

Trump called himself an "environmentalist," but said the regulations have grown "out of control."

He said he's heard from business associates who wanted to build in the United States, but were denied due to environmental regulations after waiting years for a decision.

"We want regulations but we want real regulations that mean something. ... We're going to either give you your permits or we're not gonna give you your permits, but you're gonna know very quickly. Generally speaking we're gonna be giving you your permits, so we're gonna be very friendly," he said. 

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