White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told Sean Hannity in an exclusive interview that the media's default reaction to statements by the former RNC spokesman was to say, "You're lying."

Spicer was referring to a pledge of sorts that journalist Jon Karl asked him to take that said Spicer would not knowingly make misstatements from the podium, after a debate over inauguration day engagement numbers.

"Where are their facts? Because I got called a liar for something that I can add up and say, 'Here's how we come up with this number.' And yet, where's the number that disproves that I'm wrong?" Spicer said.

"In fact, the default was, again, this gets back to something I was saying earlier, the default was, 'You're lying.'"

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Spicer also criticized the media's "predisposition" to believe that Trump could not attain certain milestones, including announcing his presidential bid, leading the Republican field and defeating Hillary Clinton.

"In every case, he's defied the odds and won," Spicer said, adding that the press should use such past successes as a frame of reference.

Spicer also took Hannity on a tour of the White House briefing room. Watch that video below!

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