Omarosa Manigault, a top adviser to President Trump, criticized several reports of a "shadow cabinet" forming in the New Yorker's White House.

The reports said aides will and have been shadowing secretaries in order to monitor their actions and report back to Trump himself.

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The allegations say these advisers report back to Trump's son-in-law and trusted confidant Jared Kushner, and also allege Kushner tried to block Kellyanne Conway from becoming an official adviser.

Manigault called the reports "very ridiculous" and said such stories are "fabricated... drama".

Noting the sources have been anonymous, Manigault said that no close Trump adviser has any problem going on record to discuss the any of the allegations.

"I find it very interesting that these stories quote these sources that will not speak up because they are not in the room," she said.

"He connects with people," she added, "He knows how to get the best out of organizations."

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