President Donald Trump reportedly claimed at a meeting with congressional leaders Monday that he lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in last November's election because between three million and five million "illegals" cast ballots.

On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer said that Trump's need to be seen as a winner is a "character problem."

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"He obsessed with the fact that he won the election," Krauthammer said. "And nobody cares about the popular vote. He does, so he considers this a slight to his image and to his self-image."

He said it's "nuts" that Trump is focused on the popular vote, the number of attendees at his inauguration and the ratings of "The New Celebrity Apprentice" with host Arnold Schwarzenegger."

"He cares about this," Krauthammer said. "He wins anyway, so maybe in the end it won't matter. But that's the answer: It's a character issue."

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