Members of two Gold Star military families report being assaulted by protesters outside Friday's Veterans Inaugural Ball.

Ryan Manion, who lost her brother First Lt. Travis Manion in Iraq, and Amy Looney, who lost her husband Lt. Brendan Looney in Afghanistan, were guests Tuesday on "Fox & Friends" to discuss the ordeal.

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The two, who together run the Travis Manion Foundation, were in Washington, D.C., for President Donald Trump's Inauguration. As they arrived at the ball, they noticed about 75 protesters outside the entrance.

They captured the moment on their cellphones, but the video does not show the protesters allegedly assaulting, pushing and spitting on them as well as calling them names.

Manion and Looney said they were disappointed in the treatment they received.

"We were there to support our military community, which is a community that has given so much to us through our loss and the work that we do at the Travis Manion Foundation," Looney said.

"My message (to the protesters) is how can we use our differences to unite our country," Manion said.

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