Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy has received criticism for his proposal to cut the state budget to remove Honor Guard members from military funerals.

The more than $469,000 proposed cut would eliminate the traditional 21-gun salute -- a staple at military funerals.

Ret. Gen. Jack Keane joined "Mornings with Maria" Tuesday to discuss Gov. Malloy's proposal.

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"I'm pretty sympathetic to governors because they have to balance the budget unlike the federal government," Keane said.

The proposed cut comes after the governor announced pay raises of up to 12 percent for his state commissioners as well as his top aides.

"If [the] governor is going to do bell-tightening to balance the budget, everybody understands that, but if you're also raising the salaries of your government employees, particularly your senior people, while you're cutting support to veterans, that makes no sense whatsoever, and I think the criticism is pretty valid here," Keane said.

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